Selected Evaluations

Previous Anonymous Student Evaluations

“Overall an amazing teacher to have for Interpretation of Literature. I am not confident in literature, I am more math and science driven but she gave me a better understanding of literary analysis and gave me back my love of reading.”

“[S]he was phenomenal. Not only do I believe that my writing and analyzation of reading strongly improved, it improved to a level where I could apply it to law and logical reasoning in another class.”

“I have enjoyed my time in this class and genuinely feel that I will take what I have learned in this class and apply it throughout my life.”

“She was always excited to teach us the material for class every day and made me understand literature a lot better.”

The instructor was incredibly kind and understanding and gave great feedback. In this class, I truly felt like I was cared about. I was a little worried
about this class due to what I had heard from others, but I think I really grew as an English student through my writings this semester.

“[A]ll the readings were incredibly salient to the topics we discussed. We addressed extremely important topics with care and respect that fostered a wonderful learning environment. All assignments were targeted towards opening our minds to new interpretations and creating a strong central voice.”

Selected Remarks from Peer Observation

Peer 1

“Davis is skilled at coaxing students to share their thoughts and participate, so that every student (as far as I observed) spoke at least once during their time together…First, she was highly aware of all of the students, even those who were in the back or edges of the classroom space…Second, she connected the disparate comments through her own mediation and memory of what other students had said...Third, she models for them active listening and learning. Davis does this through nonverbal listening cues as well as generously rephrasing what they said so that it is clear that their message was understood by her and others.  Finally, she thanks the students for their contributions, even admitting, ‘I had not really thought of that before. [rephrases point] Thank you, [student].’ “

“I had a wonderful time observing Davis’ class and I learned a lot — both as a student and a teacher. Davis’ competence and knowledge of the subject is present in a way that invites the students in rather than intimidating them. She is able to recall and recite direct quotes of literature and theory when needed but she does not make those moments into lectures. Instead, they become an addition to an ongoing discussion of which the students themselves are an integral part. I hope that I can incorporate some of Davis’ strategies into my own teaching and I would gladly be her student again.”

Peer 2

She chats with the students before class, fostering community and a comfortable space...She also asks how they feel about the book, slowly transitioning them into the class and giving them a chance to speak casually about the novel, Their Eyes were Watching God.

“She begins by asking what struck people, giving them the floor and allowing them to direct the conversation. Her students engage with questions of race and colorism and [Davis] points them toward relevant passages. She is patient and waits for students to gather their thoughts, and then makes connections to real life to help make the novel more concrete.”

[Davis] is confident and engaging in the classroom. Her questions are thoughtful and she listens attentively to her students. She allows everyone room to speak, and then directs them with clear explanations and specific examples toward key concepts for the class.”